Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn mowing services covering the Hutt Valley and local Wellington region. A lawn mowing service undercutting the competition, with low rates and the grass cut with care while providing a professionally cut lawn with all the trimmings done to your lawns edges. Carefully taking note of the surrounding areas during the cut, while also looking out for garden features and your prized garden specimens which may need the grass cut around the base of their trunk.

The lawn clippings can either be mixed into your compost, or we can remove them altogether and your paths will also be swept or blown clean for a clean finish to our work. If your lawn is excessively long, then we will go over it with our trusty weed eater or scrub cutter first, to ensure your lawn is not damaged by forcing a mower through it which won’t like it either. We can also assist you with your lawn care through weed and pest control management, fertilising, top dressing, lawn repair, turf laying or planting your lawn from seed.

For an affordable rate of only $27.50 an hour within the Hutt Valley area, and for Wellington or Porirua offering a no obligation free quote. Make Contact here or visit our Facebook Page for a mobile number before your lawn grows any longer!