Hello, I’m Leigh, the owner operator of Lawn Mowing Service. I personally have been into horticulture since before my teens, and to be honest I was working my own garden at the age of 12. From there I followed this passion through schooling, then acquiring a background in landscape gardening, later working for various companies from retail nurseries, to contract gardeners and gaining extensive knowledge in propagation for nursery production and I also have a passion for Bonsai.

If you need your garden maintained or cared for, then you’ve found the right person to do the work and I can even clean your fish pond due to experiences while breeding goldfish. All fields within horticulture interests me, which includes landscape gardening and in a related field to Bonsai, is that of thinning out trees to a more uniformed look. With this in mind, I also enjoy shaping hedges, trimming trees, pruning roses, coppicing and pruning fruit trees.

With regards to the propagation side which meant a lot of division, so I know how to transplant your plants, along with shrubs or small trees without them suffering too much. I generally care for all species, but I know some weeds just have to go so our prized specimens can survive without being smothered by the unwanted and this is another reason why I choose to offer a pond cleaning service for the health of your fish. Whether you’re in a residential area, living in the countryside or have a commercial property with gardens or shrubbery that needs to be maintained, you can contact me here any time or ring me to make arrangements for a no obligation free quote.